Privacy Policy

Garrett Search Partners Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We collect various categories of Personal Information on this website from Candidates and Clients. If you are a potential Candidate, we may collect your name and contact information, data about your past and current employment and professional experience, future objectives, education, and additional information you provide online through a resume.

Collect any sensitive personal information, such as age, criminal history, health or medical conditions, racial or ethnic origin, position, services requested, or other information that you provide via email or online correspondence. We do not wish to philosophical, political, religious, sexual orientation, social security, trade union membership or government identification numbers, unless legally required for recruiting purposes.

Security of Personal Information

Garrett Search Partners will take reasonable steps to ensure the security of personal information that it holds, regardless of the form in which that information is held. This will include taking reasonable steps to prevent the misuse or loss of this information, or unauthorized disclosure, access to, or modification of this information. When data is collected in electronic format, its access will be controlled by user logins and passwords, and restriction of access only to persons who need to have that access in the course of the company’s business activities.

All staff of Garrett Search Partners are subject to confidentiality obligations as part of their conditions of employment